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About the RJA&HS



The Society is a private organisation founded in 1833 and incorporated by an Act of the States of Jersey in 1884.  It has subscribing members, charitable status and no beneficial owners.


COLOUR Jhs crest 2003The Society has as it’s crest the arms of the island of Jersey in a centre shield and topped with a crown as a ‘Royal’ society.    On one side of the shield is a wheatsheaf (the heraldic symbol of agriculture) and on the other a group of roses.


It is governed by a Council of elected members with General Committees that manage the affairs of the two departments; agriculture and horticulture.



The object for which the Society was established, as set out in the preamble to the 1884 Act, was to encourage the development of agriculture and horticulture and in furtherance of that object the Society:-



1) promotes the Island’s rural culture, encourage the production of local produce and protection of the farmed countryside;


2) encourages the practice of good agriculture and horticulture in Jersey through shows, exhibitions, competitions, demonstrations, lectures, publications, visits and any other means;


3) promotes and encourage the breeding of superior cattle of the Jersey breed and to administer the register of cattle known as the Jersey Herd Book in accordance with the rules set out therein;


4) provides and develop services to members and others in support of these objects and maintain a source for information relating to agriculture and horticulture in Jersey;  and


5) represents the interests of members in promoting these objects in the Island and elsewhere.


A copy of the Society’s constitution and fundamental rules can be downloaded from this link:  RJA&HS Constitution & Rules – agreed 2009.02.10 – amendment 2014.04.24 


You can learn more about the history of the Society and its acheivements from the tabs associated with this page.

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