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RJA&HS Headquarters

RJA&HS Headquarters:


The Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society is the oldest society in the Island and during its life has occupied a number of premises in the Island’s capital, St . Helier. In 1834 the Society rented an office at 19 Halkett Place, moving to 19 Bath Street in 1865.



A permanent showground was established on meadow land, purchased in 1884, at the edge of St. Helier and was developed into the Springfield showground. Prior to this, shows were held at the Island’s Cattle Market. 



In 1899 the Society’s offices moved to 8 Church Street and in 1913 3 Mulcaster Street was purchased .    In 1969 the Society’s offices moved to a new building built at the Springfield showground. 


The showground itself had been enlarged and developed considerably since its original purchase, e.g. the construction of the Springfield Pavilion in 1922.  The Springfield estate was sold to the States of Jersey in December 1995.


 HQ opening 2001


The Society relocated its operations to impressive new office and showground facilities, in September 2000.  Located in the Parish of Trinity in the heart of the Island, these new Headquarters and showground were officially opened on 13th July 2000, by Her Majesty The Queen.

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