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Royal Patronage

Royal Patronage of the RJA&HS:


When His Majesty King William IV conferred his Royal Patronage upon the Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society in 1834, he set a precedent that has been graciously continued by each successive Monarch since then.


In 1837 Her Majesty Queen Victoria ascended the Throne, and shortly after granted her Royal Patronage upon the Society. In June 1887 the Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria was celebrated with a combined show of the Society, at which the judging of cattle took place in public for the first time.


King-George-V-with-Balleine-&-Bree-&-cow-1921In January 1901, His Majesty King Edward VII granted his Royal Patronage to the Society.  


The next patron, His Majesty King George V, visited Jersey in 1921, when he was presented with a splendid specimen of the breed ‘La Sente’s Miss Bronzemine’ at the Society’s Springfield showground.


Pictured here is His Majesty with Society President, Reverend G P Balleine and the Mr Philip J Bree the breeder of the cow.



In 1936 His Majesty King George VI ascended the Throne and following in the footsteps of his predecessors and brother His Majesty King Edward VIII, granted Royal Patronage upon the Society.



Queen-&-cow-1957Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ascended the Throne in 1952 and graciously granted Royal Patronage upon the Society.


During visits to the Island Her Majesty has also been presented with prize ‘Jersey’ cows to join the Royal herd at Windsor.  Pictured here in 1957 with HRH Prince Philip receiving Beauchamp Oxford Lady bred by Mr Basil Le Brun, who is leading her.

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