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Jersey Island Genetics – B2B


Solely owned by the RJA&HS, Jersey Island Genetics Ltd was first registered in 1994 and since that date has acted as the Society’s cattle export and management services trading arm. In its early years the company focused solely on the promotion of the island’s cattle genetics; live cattle, semen and embryos and as such received some promotional funding for this purpose, whilst managed by a board of farmer and other government appointed business representatives.  As circumstances in the local dairy industry changed so the company and the roles it now undertakes evolved.


Today the board has amongst its directors a wealth of Jersey Island dairy farming experience:


Mr Tom Perchard (Chairman), whose family own the Ansom herd at La Ferme, the largest herd on the Island. Tom also sit on the Society’s Agricultural Committee.


Mr John Le Feuvre, internationally respected breeder and, with his family, owner of the Elite herd. John has judged Jerseys at many major shows around the world.


Mr Ricky Leith, owner of the 230 cow Chalet herd and past Society Agricultural Vice-President.


Mr Jeremy Le Maistre, one of our younger breeders at home with the Les Goues herd and also current JIG employee.


and Mr Steve Le Feuvre, past Society President who maintains his avid interest in the breed with a few cattle kept at Westlands Farm under his Avonteur prefix.

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In the early years of the last decade considerable restructuring of the local industry took place and a substantial number of milking cattle were exported to the UK whilst the island’s primary processor Jersey Dairy, relocated.  In recent years JIG has assisted local herd owners in the private sale and shipping of small loads both to the UK and France and larger consignments to the UK. This included the contract rearing of 250+ heifers to assist in setting a large new dairy herd in Scotland whilst more recently a quality consignment of 60 head were shipped to a special sale in the UK.


With the advent of international Jersey genetics being used extensively throughout many Island herds since 2008, as well as selected longstanding traditional cow families being maintained through the continuing use of local bloodlines, it is hoped that interest from both near and far in the Jersey Island USP will continue to increase in the future.  A number of Island herds supplied purchaser selected donor cows for two major shipments of embryos to a South American country in 2012 and embryo transfer is now playing a major part in the further development of the local industry

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In 2003 the company was tasked with supplying a semen collection, semen storage and AI technician service to all Jersey Island herds and legislation is in place to collect and process bovine semen for the local industry, whilst Jersey Island bulls have been placed in UK collection centres to fulfill export potential.  At the moment two Island bred bulls, Home Farm Stuarts Bees Knees and Blue Bell Braveheart, are on stud with Cogent Breeding.  JIG is able to assist you in identifying a genetic base which may suit your management system and breeding programme.



With regard to a herd data recording service, JIG also manages, through the UK agency Cattle Information Service (CIS), a comprehensive recording and herd management programme. All herds are independantly recorded* on a monthly basis using JIG field staff, whilst all herds supplying milk to Jersey Dairy have to fulfill their commitment to taking part in the islandwide reecording scheme. (* The three smallest herds record on a DIY basis with occassional check tests for all herds)


Since 2010 JIG Ltd has been instrumental in setting up and managing an islandwide cattle health scheme, to assist in the promotion of a predominantly disease free herd and increased promotion of the Jersey Island product. (See Jerseys from Jersey)


We believe Jersey Island Genetics is therefore well postioned to assist you in any enquiries you may have with regard to the Jersey breed in it’s island home. We can also arrange tours to see Island herds for either individual or groups visting the Island and possibly interested in purchasing Jersey cattle or genetics.


In the first instance please contact us on the following link:


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