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Breed Management


The genetic evaluations for Jerseys from Jersey are carried out through the UK organisation DairyCo Breeding.

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Since 2008 the data from both the UK and Jersey Island populations has been merged at the point of analysis to give a single results dataset. This allows Island cattle to be ranked on the same criteria and alongside their UK counterparts.


Production and type performance details are available for all Jersey Island bulls with a reliability figure of 65%+ whilst key published figures for any Jersey breed bull currently in use in the Island, regardless of country of origin, can be found at:  Bulls available on Jersey Island


It is also possible to research any proven international Jersey bull by following:  International Jersey bulls by £PLI


Whilst a Bull Search facility found on either of the above pages allows the user to search for any Jersey bull with available data that does not appear on either of the above lists. 


Further information on the indexes used within the UK evaluation programme is located on the Breeding+ main Jersey breed page.


The RJA&HS also fully supports the new  Semen Advertising Code which can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF here.


‘COMING SOON’   Pedigree details for Jersey Island animals can be researched through the CDI search function, the tab for which can be found at the top of this page.

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