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Welcome to our extensive library of recent and ‘Temps Passe’ photographs


Please bear with us as we post and categorize the many pictures we want to share with you. With the Society founded back in 1833 we have quite a back collection!

Financial Interest 25th_Albert Smith_Jersey Island_date unknown In the Fields - CI Exports at Jersey airport Potato lifting with tractor 1960s Loading Vraic

From days past when cereals were cut by hand and vraic (seaweed) was collected from the beaches to be put on the fields as a form of fertiliser, through to an era when the Jersey cow developed as a breed and was seen as a global trading commodity for many Island farmers. During the post war years when agriculture became more mechanised through to 1989 when our Patron HM Queen Elizabeth II graciously attended a special show and then into the present century when the Society’s showground facilities were host to the 2008 World Jersey Cattle Bureau conference

WJCB2008@RJA HRH Queen Elizabeth II - in Jersey 1989 HDF show winners presentation


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