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Hire the Showground

Standard Rates 2016 / 2017


The 2016 / 2017 Standard Rate Card is as follows:


Entire Showground: £5,000

Members Room: £220 (£120 half day)

Council Room: £130 (£70 half day)



Regular Users Discount 2016 / 2017


Regular users can pay a £1,000 subscription fee at the beginning of each year, and then benefit from the following reduced rates:


Entire Showground: £2,500

Members Room: £160 (£90 half day)

Council Room: £100 (£60 half day)


Please note:


All rates quoted are per day of active use.


‘Set up’ and ‘break down’ days are charged at 50% of the day rate.


Discounts are also available for extended periods of hire.


Please contact the RJA&HS Office for further details.


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